About Mariposa Sangha

Our Goals

We bring together a community of people in Austin and Central Texas who practice insight meditation to support each other in the deepening of Dharma practice in our daily lives. We hope that our practice will promote peace and compassion in the world around us and believe that through the sharing of the Dharma we can free ourselves and others from suffering.

What We Do

We offer weekly meditations, book discussions, beginning meditation instruction and Dharma talks. There are experienced meditators available to provide instruction. We collaborate with other Texas sanghas to offer retreats in Central Texas with visiting teachers from Spirit Rock in Woodacre, CA, Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) and Insight Meditation South Bay. Newcomers are welcome.

We are a Buddhist group whose practices originate in the teachings of Theravada Buddhism. However, one need not identify as a Buddhist to take part in these practices. We include people from any (or no) faith tradition.


Mariposa Sangha is peer led. We are governed by a council drawn from regular membership and business is conducted on the principle of consensus. We seek the balance of the “middle way” between structure and non-structure as we make organizational decisions.

Support for Mariposa Sangha

Mariposa Sangha is a registered 501c (3) non-profit organization. Activities are funded through the practice of dana, the Pali word for voluntary generosity. No donations are ever required or expected. Visiting teachers are also supported by dana; charges for retreats only cover food, lodging, and teacher transportation. Dana given at weekly meetings pays for the places we meet and is also be used for scholarships to help cover retreat costs. You may contribute at the end of any sitting or you may use PayPal.

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To make a recurrent monthly donation, select the desired amount  and click the “Subscribe” button. (You must have a PayPal account for this option.) Your “subscription” automatically expires in one year.

Donation Options

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Email us at info4mariposa@gmail.com

Call Kathey (512.565.3774) or Charlie (512.766.3882). Please leave a message if we are unable to answer when you call.

Online Community

The Mariposa Sangha Facebook page is good place to find up-to-date information on changes to the sangha schedule, special events, recent talks, and Dharma resources.

Several Mariposa Sangha members use the Insight Timer meditation app. If you use this app, you can find our  group by searching for “Mariposa Sangha.”